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Ok so I wrote this originally about 18 months ago when the character was on the Valiant, I'd only been simming about 2 weeks at that point and hadn't written creatively for about 6 years so don't expect a masterpiece :P


2331 - Stardate 08482.6
The leather of Samas’ jacket creaked as he leaned forward, prompting the entire bridge crew to spin their heads round into his direction. Although in space the term ‘silent running’ applied more to energy signatures than to actual noise it still felt like the thing to do.

“Its ok guys, I don’t think they’ll hear that” Samas stated in a matter of fact way as he continued to look out the window. The rest of the crew remained in silence as they too returned their eyes to the small light travelling across the star field.

It had been nearly an hour since they first detected the warp signature of the vessel, as soon as it showed up on sensors they knew it was from the Joladi Imperium, and they knew they were looking for their vessel. Samas ordered the helm to set course for the magnetic pole of a nearby gas giant, there they powered down all nonessential systems and began the waiting game….

Samas normally was very patient, however on a day like today the waiting game was beginning to wear thin. The rain had been hammered down for nearly 2 hours now, he was already drenched through as he lay there among the trees watching the floodlit city square and listening to the sound of the rain impacting the leaves around him, drowning out just about anything else.

He watched as two Triani guards walked across the square and quickly checked to see no one else was around, he had been made aware that a young woman he knew was planning on making a protest against the government, but with the recent civil unrest between the government and the separatists, the Triani authorities had a zero tolerance policy meaning he worried about the consequences. He had gone to see Thalia and tried to talk her out of it, hoping he had got through to her, but he still found himself laying here just in case she showed up.

However a mutual acquaintance had told him she was still thinking about it, and that the original plan was to detonate a bomb near the government building in the main square that evening, which was how he found himself laying here. Maybe she wouldn’t, he thought to himself, but just as he allowed himself this little bit of optimism he saw shape move on the far side on the courtyard.

“Damn it…”

The door to the small bridge entered and one of the NTS Firefly’s new passengers appeared cautiously. They had been delivering medical supplies to a colony in the Joladi system, a system that was currently in a state of civil war, as they left they noticed that a vessel from the Joladi government was firing upon a small refugee transport. Samas had ordered the Firefly to intercept, though only very lightly armed they did have surprise on their side and were able to disable the cruisers targeting sensors. They locked a tractor beam on the transport and went to warp, being careful to mask their warp signature.

That was 3 hours ago, since then they had placed the transport in their shuttle bay and been on the run.

“Have they spotted us?” the elderly man asked timidly, the fear apparent in his eyes.

Samas didn’t answer, instead keeping his eyes on the moving dot and allowing his helmsman to turn round from one of the two chairs on the bridge and answer, albeit still in a hushed voice, “We don’t think so, but our primary sensors are offline and the secondary's aren’t having much luck cutting through the interference, hopefully their sensors aren’t having much more luck”

The man nodded his understanding, but seemed far from comforted by this news, “Captain, thank you again for helping us”

Now Samas had no choice but to respond, he turned from his view and looked at the old man, “It’s no problem….ok so maybe it’s a little problem, but its we do, we couldn’t just stand by and wait for them to destroy your ship, we know what the Joladi can be like, trust me.”

The old man nodded again. It was true, they did know what they were like, the Joladi had several times tried to board and raid the Firefly, and they had been trying to expand their tyrannical empire into the surrounding space, and were succeeding, every year conquering more and more planets. Samas tried not to get involved in the politics, but he knew if it weren’t for the fact he was delivering medical supplies only he wouldn’t come anywhere near this area of space.

Nevertheless a small resistance movement had formed on Joladi II and had launched their home system into civil war a year ago, a war to try and win the civilisations soul.

Samas turned to his small ragtag group of crewmen, “So what do we do now?”…

The guards had left around the corner so Samas took this as his chance, he rose from his position in the trees and ran as fast as he could across the square towards to moving shape he had seen, his long black, and now drenched, coat flapping behind him. He approached a shadowy figure in the alley wearing a hooded cloak, he grabbed their arm spinning them round; this caused the hood to fall down revealing Thalia…

“What are you doing here!!” She said in a hushed yet very angry tone, looking at him with steely blue eyes which were barely able to contain her anger.

“I’m here to try and stop you making a mistake, what ever your planning won’t make any difference, don’t you see that?! Any action against the government is just going to make things worse! Especially blowing up there offices!” He said, almost pleading with her.

“And how exactly can thinks get worse? Every day my people are persecuted more and more, entire families just ‘disappear’ and I’m supposed to just what? Sit back and do nothing? Maybe write a pamphlet, give a speech about how we can all get along, all be equal?” She asked him still locked on to his eyes with her own.

The real tragedy was he could see her point, when he first arrived here the planet was a peaceful place, but when the current administration was elected they ultimately became a tyrannical dictatorship, in recent months a movement had begun trying to bring about change. Samas had been a part of this movement, hoping to use his experience to ease the transition and help to make sure the revolution didn’t become a tragic failure, nor a tragic success, but some in the group disapproved of his conciliatory nature and without his knowledge this plan of taking the previous protests forward into something resembling full blown terrorism had been formed.

“I can’t let you do this; there are innocent people in those offices!”

“Look, I appreciate everything you have done for our cause, I really do, but we cant just sit back and wait for public opinion to co-” Before she could finish the sentence there was the loud bang of a gunshot behind them, the guards had found them…..

The ship shook violently, “Sir! They just fired a warning shot over our bow!” The first officer reported from the tactical station.

“Oh, well looks like they found us, bring main power online and raise shields” Samas ordered, the crew immediately snapping into life.

“We’re being hailed” the helmsman reported

“Let’s see it.” The helmsman then punched in the appropriate command and the video screen next to Samas came to life showing the Joladi commander, a commander who had on many occasions crossed Samas’ path.

The commander had an arrogant swagger about the way he spoke, “I believe you have something that belongs to us ‘captain’, hand over the traitors,” he said glancing at the old man still stood at the back of the bridge, “and I might just forego the destruction of your ship…”

“Oh yes Krevin, because you’ve had such luck with that in the past, I mean don’t you have better things to do than constantly chase small freighters, or does bullying the little guy make you feel all manly?” Samas replied, he really was beyond being intimidated by this commander, he knew why he was constantly after the Firefly, they had caused him embarrassment with his superiors and now he was out to prove a point, but 2 years later he still hadn’t managed it.

Krevin didn’t seem to be in the mood to play on that day and cut the transmission, Samas smiled to himself, considering that a small moral victory when his first officer Claire chipped in, “Do you think it’s a good idea to constantly annoy him?”

Samas chuckled slightly, “Well I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but it is fun” He said this offering a wink to the old man.

No sooner had Samas said this than the ship was rocked violently again, “Sir, a second ship just opened fire on us from behind, shields down to 64%” The helmsman reported with urgency in his voice.

“Get us out of here Quinn, maximum warp!” Samas ordered, this statement was immediately followed by the most violent shake of all, the panel on the wall next to the Ops stations exploded in a shower of sparks and the crew felt the ship physically lurch to the left signifying damage to the inertial dampeners.

“I can’t sir, that last torpedo damaged our starboard nacelle, we’re venting plasma” Came the response as the ship was struck again, causing the lights to flicker and steam to burst from a damaged EPS relay.

“Shields at 36%”

Samas reached to the wall and punch the comm panel, “Engine room, I need those warp engines, now!” he released the button without waiting for a response as the ship was rocked again. He turned to his first officer, “Claire, try and find their torpedo frequency and match our shields to the inverse of that number, it might help them hold, and return fire”.

He turned to look out the large window just in time to watch another torpedo from the Krevin’s ship tear through the shields and impact the hull, this was followed by the tactical panel exploding in a shower or sparks and debris and his first officer being thrown backwards Samas immediately dropped to his knees next to his first officer and felt for a pulse, though he knew before he got down here that he wouldn’t find one.

The ship shock violently again, bulkheads in the ceiling collapsed to the floor, followed by support beams they concealed, next all the screens and lights went dead, it was a few seconds that felt more like an eternity before the emergency lighting and power was activated. The bridge was now full of acrid smoke, the emergency light giving everyone an eerie glow, Samas looked through the smoke to his helmsman, “Sir, main power, weapons and shields are all offline, we’re still venting plasma and I’ve lost all helm control….And we’re being hailed again…”

Samas rose from the side off his fallen crewmember, straightened his shirt and jacket and turned toward one of the few remaining monitors, “On screen…”

The usual arrogant message from Krevin followed, telling them that they would be boarded unless returned the refugees immediately, he seemed almost gleeful when he saw the state of the Firefly’s bridge, nevertheless Samas managed to buy some time saying that the shuttle bay doors were damaged, which wasn't a total lie.

“You have 5 minutes!” was Krevin’s response before the screen went dead.

“Well then that gives us 5 minutes to think of a plan doesn’t it, any ideas?” Samas said as sparks continued to spontaneously erupt from damaged consoles, the remaining crew all had a look of hopelessness on their face when an alarm started beeping from the remains of the Ops console…

“Don’t move!”
Samas turned round to see a lone guard, gun raised pointing at him, at the other end of the alley, “Officer is there some kind of problem? We’re just out for a walk here”

From behind him he heard Thalia utter the words which would ultimately alter everything that would happen over the next years, “Well actually, we’re here to blow up the government building”.

Samas began to turn round to face her when the guard yelled his instruction not to move again, though this time the guard wasted no time, what happened next seemed to transpire in slow motion, he heard the guard cock his gun and saw his finger begin to tighten on the trigger when all of a sudden Samas felt himself be shoved out of the way, the gun shot rang out and struck Thalia in the chest, sending her to ground, hitting the same instant that Samas did.

Barely thinking he reached inside his coat and pulled out his gun, he rolled into a position to fire and let of two shots, both hitting the guard who crumpled to the ground. He quickly dropped the gun and scrambled over to Thalia, but it was clear there wasn't much he could, he looked into her eyes, seeing a strange look of calm, she looked like she wanted to say something so he moved his head closer as she simply said, “It worked”…

“Sir, the Joladi Transport just left out shuttle bay!”

Samas turned to look towards the door where the old man once stood and instead saw a battered looking security guard he had assigned to guard the shuttle bay, “I’m sorry sir, they took me by surprise, they said they wouldn’t let you die to protect them”.

Samas spun to face the window to indeed see the small shuttle heading in the direction of Krevin’s ship, “Hail them!” he ordered to crewman Vsar on the Ops console.

The Andorian tapped the appropriate buttons, “I’m only getting a text response sir, 2 words, “thank you”, we are however being hailed by Krevin”

Samas sighed and reached over to press the button to accept the hail himself, this time taking it on a small screen on the Ops console.

“Well I have to say ‘captain’, I never expected you to actually keep up to your end of the bargain, but I am a man of my word, you get to live”

“Don’t worry Krevin I had no intention of letting you have them! So what now? You board us, try and steal our precious cargo of spare plasma relays? Or are you just going to destroys us like the coward we both know you are? I mean come on, you fail to take us on your own so you need to bring help now?”

Krevin sat back in his chair, “You don’t get it do you ‘captain’, this wasn't about you, it was about bringing criminals to justice, and I know that by doing so I can make you suffer far worse than if I were to just kill you.”

“What are you tal-“ the screen went dark before he could answer, Samas looked up at the transport as it approached the Joladi ship, only to see a photon torpedo leave the ship and impact the shuttle causing it to explode into a thousand pieces.

The bridge was reduced to silence, it was as if even the erupting consoles and danger alarms fell silent as the fire and debris spread from the explosion, Samas could only watch as the two Joladi cruisers turned and sped into warp…

“What worked Thalia, what?” He lightly shook her shoulders to try and keep her with him a bit longer.

She coughed, “The plan, I was never going to plant a bomb, I knew the only hope we had to swing public opinion would be to sure the governments as brutes that they would kill an unarmed civilian, or one who threatened to have a bomb”

Suddenly Samas heard shouting behind him and knew that more guards were on the way, she looked up at him again, “I’m so sorry you got caught up in this, but it means a lot you came after me, thank you, for everything…”

And with that she was gone, he heard the guards running down the alley behind him, he gently closed her eyes just as the guards reached him. All he felt was a sharp pain on the back of his head, a flash of light and then, darkness….

“Ships Log, Stardate 8485.1
Darkness, space holds a lot of it, not just the kind that you could see between the stars, but the kind it can imprint in your heart. I’ve just left the memorial for our first officer, Claire, the ship feels that much more empty without her, and I know I’ll miss her friendship and her council. The crew suffered injuries but no more fatalities, most of which had been treated. Repairs are underway, but it’s only been 12 hours and it will still be several days before we might be ready to break orbit. The Joladi seem to have left us alone, since the shuttle departed, I have to state for the record the bravery of the crew of that ship, they sacrificed themselves in the hope we might live, a debt we can never repay. It kind of reminds me of a woman I used to know, she sacrificed herself not only to save my life, ultimately twice over, but to try to change her world, and to her credit she did, the government of her planet was bought down shortly after and her people became peaceful again. I just hope that the sacrifice these people today made will be worth as much. End Log”

Samas hadn’t thought about that day in a long time, the first and only time he had ever killed someone, the judge in charge of the new legal system had offered to simply let him go for his role in the revolution, but Samas requested he should be punished, even though he only served 5 years in prison for the crime, to this day he was still being punished for it.

He continued looking out the window on the deserted bridge as the planet they were orbiting obscured the sun, the sun setting over the planet, the light growing dimmer and dimmer until it was gone and it seemed the entire planet was set in darkness, he knew just how it felt…
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