Arthur Richardson - 24th Century Englishman

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Arthur Richardson - 24th Century Englishman

Post#1 » Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:09 pm

ON: <<Richardson Estate, Cambridge, England, Year: 2323>>

“I just wish you would reconsider, Arthur,” Professor Matthew Richardson said, trying to reason with his son, “There are plenty of opportunities for you here at Cambridge, or any other college for that matter. Why Starfleet?”

“I don’t want to sit in a classroom the rest of my life, dad,” Arthur replied, knowing that his response would strike a chord, “I want to get out and actually see the Federation.”

The look on his father’s face was one of disappointment, but Arthur forced himself not to look. Instead, he lifted the hamper of clothes off the floor and started up the stairs. “You could apply for an internship,” his father called after him, “Even go to school on Bajor, Vulcan…heck, I don’t care if you went to Cardassia Prime.”

“No dad,” Arthur said over his shoulder as he reached the top step. Kicking aside the wooden door that led to his room, Arthur dropped the hamper onto his bed and started tossing piles of clothing into the waiting suitcase.

“Arthur, you know your father is just trying to help,” Professor Monika Richardson told her son with a slight German accent, “We really wanted to see you go to Cambridge…”

“I don’t want to go to Cambridge,” Arthur interrupted angrily, “I want to go to the Academy.” Why wouldn’t they listen? He knew this was going to be hard, but he had hoped that they would accept it at least partially.

“I know that, dear,” she said, taking the haphazard clothing and refolding it before stacking it neatly in the suitcase, “But why must you torture your father like that? You know that he cares about your future.”

Arthur tossed the hamper next to the far wall and stalked into the adjoining bathroom. As he ran the water and started filling a glass, he could hear his mother continuing to help pack. *At least she’s being nice about it,* he thought to himself as he shut off the tap and drained the glass in one motion.

When he came back into the room, he saw that his mother had finished with the clothing and moved on to some of his personal items: books, photographs, and other such things. “Planning to take this with you,” she asked, holding up a holorecording of Jonathan Archer’s speech from the signing of the Federation Charter.

“Yes,” Arthur said, taking it from her and placing it in his duffle. It was hard for him to stay mad at his parents for long, no matter how mad he was. Deep down, he knew that they were just trying to do what was best for their son. But he wanted excitement. He wanted to be out following the footsteps of James T. Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, John Harriman, and countless others. What’s more, he wanted to make steps of his own on planets no man had ever seen before.

“Arthur,” his father called from the doorway. The boy looked up and was surprised not to be hearing another attempt to convince him to stay.

“Yeah,” Arthur said, waiting.

“Can we…can we take a stroll,” his father asked vaguely.

“Now,” Arthur replied, motioning toward the unfinished packing.

“Go on,” his mother said, pushing him toward the door, “I’ll finish packing for you. Go on you two. Shoo!” Sweeping both men from the room, she shut the door behind them. The scrape of the lock sounded with finality as father and son exchanged glances.

Arthur had walked the grounds of the expansive Richardson Estate many times with his father. Growing up, they had been his play yard. This time, something was different. His father seemed less talkative than usual and the two continued along the bank of the river in silence.

“Arthur, I know how much Starfleet means to you,” his father began after what seemed like forever, “and I know you want to get out and see the galaxy. It can be a dangerous thing, being out there among the stars. You know, in the early days, when man first began to venture into space, they travelled in flimsy metallic craft constantly under threat of losing atmospheric pressure.”

Arthur did not say anything, waiting to see if he was going to get another plea to stay. Instead, he kicked a small stone, flicking it into the slow moving water below.

“Before you left, I wanted you to have something,” his father continued, “Something that my father gave me when I was about your age.” He handed his son a cloth-wrapped object. The cloth was old and tattered, but he handled it as if it was the greatest treasure in the entire world.

Arthur accepted the gift from his father, slowly unwrapping the cloth. Inside was a metallic disc, likely made of copper or bronze with silver and gold embedded in it. “What is it,” he asked, looking to the elder Richardson.

“It is our family seal,” his father replied, smiling with pride as the sun glinted off the metal, “Handed down from generation to generation. It’s been in the family for well over 500 years, almost as long as the Richardsons have been living in Cambridge. As you can see, we’ve always been a family of education and learning…and I hope that you don’t forget that when you find yourself on the bridge of your first starship. I can’t think of many better ways for my son to carry on that family tradition than as an explorer. Take care of it, and one day, you might be giving it to your children.”

Arthur reverently wrapped the cloth back around the seal and held it close to him, almost as if he was trying to shelter it with his own body. To him, it was more than a family heirloom…it was his father’s blessing.


Matthew Richardson, PhD
Professor of Xenobiology and Anthropology
Cambridge University


Monika Richardson, PhD
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
Cambridge University

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Post#2 » Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:58 am

ON: <<Starfleet Academy, Earth, 2323>>

Arthur made his way down the ramp of the shuttle and blinked as the bright sunlight hit his eyes. There was an odor of saltiness to the wind that blew gently across the ground as the young man slowly turned on the spot, trying to take it all in. The various buildings that made up Starfleet Academy were closest, but in the distance, he could see the Golden Gate Bridge and the compound that was part of Starfleet Command.

Sliding the strap of his duffle further up on his shoulder, Arthur started down the stone path that wound its way through the Academy grounds. He ended up bumping a few other people heading the same direction, but they were all doing the same thing…they were all just as amazed to finally be here at Starfleet Academy

Eventually, the group of new cadets reached a large building with the Academy emblem painted on the exterior. As they passed through the double doors into the artificially lit lobby, Arthur felt his eyes adjusting to the new environment. The faint sea breeze was no longer noticeable, now that they had entered the building.

The group began to accumulate, forming a large mass in the middle of the expansive lobby, all of them wondering where they were supposed to go next. Footsteps echoed across the hall and Arthur noticed a dark-haired Vulcan in a cadet uniform approaching them. “Greetings, applicants,” he said in a crisp voice that could be heard, “If you would please make your way into Robert April Hall, we will begin momentarily.”

Arthur felt himself jostled around as the group moved in unison toward the indicated entrance. Once inside the great hall, Arthur managed to break free of the main group and find a place about halfway up to sit. Since he figured people would be passing him to get in, he left his duffle sitting across his lap, strap still over his shoulder in case he should have to move.

It didn’t take long for the hall to fill and the buzz of conversation to rise. Arthur was watching all the others come in, amazed at how many different species were represented. “This seat taken,” a voice asked, causing him to look up.

“Oh, sorry…no,” Arthur said, motioning for the red-haired young man standing there to have a seat.

“Thanks,” he said, plopping down next to Arthur, “Rick Edwards, by the way, my father’s captain of the Antares.”

“Arthur Richardson,” Arthur replied, shaking the offered hand, “My parents are professors at Cambridge.”

“Cool,” Rick said, “Must be neat to have such smart parents.”

“It’s come in handy,” Arthur replied, shifting his duffle slightly. At that moment, the lights in the auditorium dimmed, leaving the center of the stage as the only lit area. A grey-haired man appeared at the podium with the rank and insignia of an admiral. He reached for a glass of water, took a sip, and then cleared his throat. The entire hall was silent, waiting for him to begin.

“Good morning applicants,” he said, “and welcome to Starfleet Academy. When you leave this room, you will be Starfleet Cadets. Those of us here at Starfleet Academy have pledged to provide you with the best training and education we can offer, but even then…some of you won’t be graduating. Look around you. It is likely that the people you see will not be joining you at the graduation ceremony. This does not make them any less important or skilled than the next person, it simply means that Starfleet may not be the life for them. For those of you who do manage to survive until graduation, you will be entering into a tradition two hundred years in the making. At this time, I would like to introduce our guest speaker.”

Arthur noticed a robed figure moving just outside the pool of light, but he couldn’t make out who it was from this distance.

“This man has been serving with distinction for many years,” the admiral continued, “most famous for his service aboard the USS Enterprise, he has continued, time and again, to prove a valuable asset to the Federation. May I present to you, Ambassador Spock.”

The figure moved forward and Arthur could see the familiar image, one that he knew from school lessons since kindergarten. Spock had been the right hand man of Captain Kirk. He had seen things…done things that no other man had done before. There was even the rumor that he had died and Kirk had stolen the Enterprise to bring him back to life.

“Thank you admiral,” Spock said, assuming the podium, “Assembled applicants, I bid you greetings. You are about to embark on a journey of discovery. This journey starts here, together, but soon, you will each be going your own directions, serving aboard various starships, starbases, and outposts throughout the Federation. Each and every one of you is here because you expect to learn something about the universe and, in turn, about yourself. As you embark on this journey, I offer you traditional Vulcan greeting. Live long and prosper.”

Then, just as smoothly, he stepped back and disappeared into the shadows. Thunderous applause erupted from the assembled applicants, Arthur joining right along. To have had the chance to see Ambassador Spock in person, to hear him speak, was something that not a single one of them was about to forget.

“Thank you, ambassador,” the admiral said, having returned to the podium, “Now, as you leave this hall, Starfleet Cadets, you will receive your rooming and class assignments. Any questions can be directed to your academic advisors or your flight leaders. Dismissed.” The room was instantly abuzz with noise as the assembled group began to talk and make their way toward the exits, lights slowly rising to allow them to see.

“Don’t you want to see where you’re going to be living,” Rick asked, looking at Arthur, who was still seated in his chair.

“Wha…oh, right,” Arthur said, getting to his feet and following Rick up the aisle. As he shuffled his way through the crowd, he thought back to what the ambassador had said about getting to know oneself.


Rick Edwards (NPC)
Starfleet Academy

Ambassador Spock
Guest Speaker
Starfleet Academy

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Post#3 » Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:33 am

ON: <<Cadet Dorms, Starfleet Academy, 2323>>

The glow from the setting sun had long disappeared from the room, leaving it dark except for the small pool of light from the desk lamp as Arthur poured over various PADDs, glancing between his computer terminal and what was supposed to be a paper on the geologic history of Rigel VI. The young man was exhausted from a double-length training he had just finished and he still had three more hours of homework to finish before class in the morning.

Rubbing his eyes with one hand, he blinked and turned back to another PADD. The instructor for the class had asked for five pages and Arthur was already up to eight. The problem was that he wasn't sure where he could cut back without glossing over important events.

The doors to the room hissed open and he heard laughter coming from the corridor. "I'll see you guys later," he heard his roommate, Rick (NPC), say to the group before the doors hissed shut again, cutting off the energetic enthusiasm from outside.

"What's up," Rick asked as he tossed a single PADD onto his desk where it clattered to a stop against the computer terminal, "More homework? Did I ever tell you you were crazy?"

"At least a hundred times, if I recall," Arthur said somewhat exasperatedly, setting one PADD aside and exchanging it for another.

"Well I'll say it again," Rick replied, "You're crazy. Art, you're a freshman...take time to enjoy the life here at the Academy. You don't need to be taking three upper division courses..."

"Four," Arthur corrected.

"Four upper division courses," Rick continued, "Honestly, why do you put yourself through all this trouble?"

"The other stuff was too easy," Arthur replied. The truth was, he was used to being the top student, the best. Only a few weeks after they'd started classes, he heard about another freshman, Jean-Luc Picard, who was certainly making an impact and gaining a reputation as an impeccable student. Arthur wasn't about to let himself be one-upped, especially by a French gardener.

That's why he was taking four upper division courses and going to practice four nights a week. Not only did he have his academic reputation to maintain, but he was going to run in the Academy Marathon on Danula II and he was going to beat Picard and become the first freshman to win the race. That way, no one would ever see him as second-best.

"Some of us are going to hang out at a great place in town," Rick said as he changed out of his uniform and into more comfortable clothes, "You want to join us?"

"I think I'll pass," Arthur said, striking a few sentences from his paper.

"Have it your way," Rick said, departing back into the corridor. The doors hissed shut again and Arthur didn't even pause to look up. He had work to do.


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