Leni - Unbreakable Bonds

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Leni - Unbreakable Bonds

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ON: {Starfleet Medical, San Francisco}

Lieutenant Kira Leni was making her rounds of Starfleet Medical. Looking down at the young face she couldn't help but shake her head slightly and say to herself ~They're getting younger everyday.~ "Cadet.... next time you decide to wrestle with a Nausican do me the favour and warn me ahead of time. Better yet... Don't do it. Just don't. They are bigger and stronger and they are hell for even a seasoned officer to beat let alone a second year cadet. Do I make myself clear?"

"Well, it was in the holodeck, Ma'am." Varden stated feebly.

"Yes. But you were doing battle with a very dangerous enemy with the safeties off. I should notify your instructors." his eyes became wide as saucers, his nervousness spiking at the thought that by this time tomorrow he could be back on his way home in disgrace after having been kicked out of the academy with nothing to show for it but a few healing bruises and back twinges. The physician's heart went out to him and she shook her head, "But I won't. THIS TIME." the relief was palpable which caused a warm smile to come to her lovely face. "You'll be out of here this evening but no more stupid stunts. Do I make myself clear?" she demanded.

"YES, sir. I won't, sir." he sat up stiff and straight, cringing in pain but doing his best to act as if he felt nothing.

"Relax before you pass out, Cadet. Those ribs will need to be handled a bit gingerly for a couple of days. I guess it's just lucky it's a Friday night, Huh?" Kira asked, with an amused tone to her voice but before the young man could answer her com sounded. Holding up a one finger she called out, "Leni, here."

"You're presence is requested on level 10. Doctor Milner wishes to speak with you."

"I'm on my way." waving a nurse over, Leni handed the PADD to her, "Monitor his condition and once the treatment is complete send him on his way with this prescription. And I wanna see you back here in two days." she said aloud to the cadet who simply nodded wordlessly in agreement.


Stepping from the lift, the doctor approached the nurses station and cleared her throat, "Can I go see him?"

"Sure thing, doc. He's been waiting for you." Lt Dombroski stated. "His doctor's with him."

With a nod, she said, "Yeah. I know. I was summoned." her crystal blue eyes sparkled as she combed her fingers through her long sunkissed locks. "Thanks, James." giving him a nod she turned and walked toward the nearest room.

The hushed tones ceased the minute she came to the doorway. "What are you waiting for Imzadi?" the dark haired man sitting before the window beckoned.

Kira forced her smile to widen, wanting to look happier than she actually felt not that the man by the window would know any different. He could sense her state immediately. The counselor/doctor knew she'd been living around humans too long for she'd adopted many of their habits. Approaching the one that had spoken she leant down and kissed him deeply on the lips then as they parted, she gazed into his sightless black orbs biting back the sadness it inevitably brought, "Does that suffice, love?" she asked.

"It's a start, love. It's a start." pulling her down he kissed her once again then once he'd finished he guided her to the seat beside him, "Isaac has some news."

Looking into the brown eyes of the other man in the room, Kira asked, "Is that right? What's the news? Has Micah's sight improved any?"

Sadly Milner was forced to say, "I'm sorry. The damage he took was too severe. His sight will never return. But I'm certain we can come up with something that will aid in his everyday life."

Micah smiled sadly as he shook his head, "Like old fashioned VISORs or Ocular implants? Thanks doctor but no thanks. They interfere with my empathy and telepathy. Our Betazoid physiology make such technology impossible to use." he gave Kira's hand a gentle sqeeze as she cast to her ~I love you, Imzadi.~

~I love you as well.~ she thought back to him. Then looking back at the man she loved she said the words they'd been dreading for months, "I guess we have to face the truth now... You're career with Starfleet is finished." she hated the words, they left a horrible taste in her mouth.

"It would appear so." Micah Gretz, former OPS chief of the USS Orion agreed.

"I haven't given up yet, Micah. The work is still continuing." Milner objected mildly.

"That may be but for the forseeable future I am useless to Starfleet. My condition makes it impossible for me to be an active member." pausing a moment, he brough Kira's hand to his lips and kissed it softly before continuing, "I'm not giving up, just being realistic." they talked a bit longer then Isaac excused himself to leave his two friends alone.

Kira and Micah cuddled together on the little sofa across the room, their hands intertwined and eyes closed both not wanting to break the moment but inevitably Gretz cleared his throat and kissed her forehead before asking, "So when will you be leaving, Kira?" her surprise played across her face as she looked up into her lover's warm onyx eyes. A sad smile formed on the corners of his lips as he continued the Q and A, "How long did you think they would let you delay the inevitable, love? I've known for a whle that they've been chomping at the bit for you to report to your next PDS."

Laying back on his chest, Kira stared straight ahead, blinking back the tears that were on the edge, "I was able to hold them off. But they are becoming a bit more insistant." she finally admitted. "Shoulda known I can't hide anything from you."

"It's time for you to pick up the pieces and move on, Kira. You've been here since Orion was mothballed but you can't hide from the powers that be any longer. You have a career to get back on track and I know you hate being here." Micah stated as he sat up bringing Kira into a sitting position as well.

"Hate is too strong a word. I just prefer off planet assignments. I grew up on starships, Micah. I can only take dirt beneath my feet for a certain amount of time before...." she stopped unable to continue.

"... the song of space calls out to you once more. I know. And that's even more reason for you to go. You heard Isaac I still have some more treatments to go through and you can't help me by remaining here. And I don't want you getting into trouble because you're disregarding your orders." tucking his index finger beneath her chin he pointed her face up to his and cast ~I love you, Imzadi. But it's time for you to go.~

"I just feel like anywhere I'm assigned now is going to feel wrong without you there." she admitted sadly.

"I know. But I am always with you. You know that. Besides how am I ever going to have any adventure if you don't go? Let me live through you." he urged her as he pulled her close.

An idea hit her and she sat up and gazed down at him, "Well... I could bring family along?"

"Kira Leni? Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?" Micah enquired in slight surprise.

"It sure sounds like it, doesn't it? So what do you say, Micah Gretz? You ready to make an honest woman out of me?" she asked with more confidence for she could sense the answer he wanted to give.

Kissing her soundly on the lips he then smiled wanly as he shook his head, "We're not ready for that. At least... not yet. I have to become accustomed to my new life and you have to find yourself again. Until we accomplish those two fundamental things our relationship is doomed to fail. Being a counselor, you know that as well as I."

"Since when did you start quoting Psych 101 back at me. That's not very fair, is it?" she asked in mock affront.

"Well, someone's gotta keep you in line. And it might as well be me. Someone who loves you without limits. Right?" Micah stated solemnly.

Nodding, the counselor then sighed as she began, "It's Starbase 386. As counselor of all things. I just hope no more husbands to be pop out of the woodwork. Not sure I could handle it... Not sure the CO could either for that matter." she chuckled mildly as she heard him laugh.

"If there are anymore then they'll have me to contend with because I've got first dibs." he kissed the top of her head lightly.

"You've got the only dibs, love. There's no one in contension." Kira stated closing her eyes. After a moment she kissed his clothed chest softly, "I have to leave in two days so I can report in next week."

"So little time." he sighed bringing her lips to his and kissing her deeply.

As the kiss deepened, Kira let out a little groan and pulled back slightly, "I think I better be going." she made to get up but found herself held fast. A sly twinkle came to her gorgeous eyes as she said, "Micah Gretz. What would Yolana say?"

"Who gives a toss. Mother will just have to find her own." and with that he reclaimed her lips, pushing all other thoughts and plans away leaving only them.


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