Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

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Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

Post#1 » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:32 pm

<Outpost 94, 1752 hours, Chief Diplomatic Officer's Quarters>

"Kaylin, dear, you watch yourself on that Starbase," said Baturi. "It will be quite a bit different than that outpost you're on now."

"Yes," added her mother, "they get all sorts of strange visitors passing through those places."

"Don't worry, Mom, I'll be fine...I'm a big girl," replied Kaylin, tossing her hair back over her left shoulder. She looked at the screen and could've sworn she saw a tear roll down her mom's cheek. "Hey, I'll still write as often as I can and call a couple times a month."

"I know," said Shanath, "I had just hoped that it would be a hundred or so more years before I heard you day those words." Kaylin's mom wiped that tear from her face.

Just then, Kaylin heard a sound in the background. Shanath abruptly turned. "Ooh, dinner's finished. I've got to get it out of the oven before it burns. Kaylin, it was good talking to you again. I'll be looking for your letter. I love you, dear."

"I love you too, Mom," she said. Kaylin watched as Shanath left her field of view.

"When you get to that new Starbase, let us know. I've got a container packed full of my latest purchases for you. You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find some of them still in a book format."

"I will dad. And don't spend your money on all those old books for me."

Baturi picked up quickly on what his daughter meant. "Don't you worry about that. Joren has a 2219 edition of Gray's Anatomy waiting for him, as well as a whole host of other books, the next time he visits."

"Speaking of Joren, tell him to contact me. He still owes me huge favor for that horrendous blind date I let him talk me into."

Baturi laughed, "I'll tell him." There was a slight pause, Shanath was calling out from within the kitchen. "I've got go now...mom needs help. Take care and I love you."

"I love you too, Dad. Bye." The screen went blank and slid back down into the desk.

Kaylin had gotten her transfer orders two days ago. Tonight was the first opportunity she had to contact her parents about it. She knew it would be rough, especially for her mom. That's why she didn't mention the anxiety she had about moving from an Outpost to a Starbase. But the lessons she'd learned from what she calls her first Starfleet life, told her that worrying over a situation would not help that situation to become better. So she dealt with it, and went to get some dinner of her own.

<Mess Hall, 1803>

Kaylin was an adventurous sort when it came to food. She was willing to try almost anything once...and she had no problem mixing cultures. So sitting down with a plate of shrimp fried rice, Nantua, and sushi with salmon, cucumber, and avocado, was nothing out of the ordinary. She was partway through her meal when she saw her aide, Crewman Amaya Mori approaching. Mori was one of the first people Kaylin met at the Outpost when she arrived and the two instantly formed a friendship that would outlive Mori. It was Mori who had introduced her to the cuisine she was now eating.

"I didn't expect to see you here this late, ma'am," said Mori. "Well, late for you. Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all, please, sit. And you're right, I usually have dinner an hour before now. I just finished with my parents," replied Kaylin.

Mori swallowed a bite of food. "Telling them about your transfer?"

"Yes. It was difficult for them both, but especially for my mother."

"It's difficult for us, too, ma'am. I'd say most everybody hates to see you go." Mori grinned, "And I would sure hate to break in a new CDO."

Kaylin laughed. "And I'd hate to break in a new aide." She paused for another bite of sushi. "I just had an idea. Now I can't guarantee it will work and I can't promise anything, but let me put in a request to the Commanding Officer of Starbase 386 and see if I can't take you with me. How would you like that?"

Smiling big, Mori said, "I would like that very much! I've always wanted the opportunity to be aboard a large Starbase. But what about the position here? The Fleet would have to fill two empty spots."

"You let me take care of that," said Lt. Kenah. "Most of my friends and associates I had when I retired 48 years ago are either dead or can't remember who I am. But they had children who joined. One of them, Lt. Commander Eli ben Davíd, I know well. He was one of the few that I've even changed diapers on."

Mori giggled at the thought. "No matter how long we serve together, I'll never grow accustomed to your age. Where does Commander Davíd work?"

"He works back at San Francisco in Starfleet Command, Personnel."

The two finished their meals with casual chit-chat between bites.
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Re: Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

Post#2 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:24 pm

<Outpost 94, Day 2, 0930 hours, Marketplace>

Kaylin had been craving some dried fruit since she'd woken up. However, none was to be found anywhere in her quarters. So instead, she a quick breakfast of apples, oranges, and a vegetable drink she had become fond of since being stationed there.

Now, Kaylin was strolling through the marketplace looking for the dried fruit stand that was there yesterday. As she passed by the fabric area, one of the salesmen called out, "Good morning Lieutenant. Can I interest you in some material? It would make a nice dress for such nice lady as yourself."

Kaylin smiled, "Thanks for the complement…again, D'nar. You know I'm not all that good with a needle and thread."

"So you say," replied D'Nar, "but have you ever tried?"

"We have this same conversation almost every week. Why do you insist?" asked Kaylin.

"I like talking to you, Lieutenant. I guess its that you seem to have no problem listening."

"Hence my being a diplomat, D'Nar." Kaylin began looking around again for the dried fruit stand.

"Something I can help you find, ma'am?"

"Yeah…I'm looking for the dried fruit stand that was around here last week. You know, the one with the striped awning?"

"Oh…you're talking about Jared's place. He got a little late and had to set up in the stand over there." D'Nar pointed down the lane. "I think he's just around the corner, on the right."

"Thanks," said Kaylin. She turned towards D'Nar before stepping away. "And if I see anyone who might be shopping for material, I'll send them your way."

"As always," replied D'Nar, "as always." And with that, he turned to the next passer-by to try and hawk his goods.

Kaylin continued down the lane and around the corner. Just as D'Nar had said, Jared's fruit stand was on the right. There were several people in line already and others perusing the selections. Kaylin fell in place among those perusing. She was looking for some dried apricots, cherries, and blueberries. She half expected not to find any; however, a Federation trading vessel had stopped on its way through a few days ago. It was possible that they had traded some of those things.

Jared had finished helping his last two guests and moved to where Kaylin was standing. "Anything specific you're looking for, ma'am?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I found the dried blueberries, but I can't find any cherries or apricots. Do you have any?"

"Sorry, all out of apricots, but I think I may have a bag of dried cherries left. Let me check." Jared disappeared behind the curtain and emerged a few seconds later with a small bag of cherries. "These are the last I have."

"How much?" Kaylin asked.

They went back and forth about the price for a few minutes until Jared finally gave in. "Okay, okay, you've got yourself a deal. Here." He handed her the cherries along with the two bags of blueberries she picked out. He shook his head and smiled, "You drive a hard bargain, Lieutenant. I enjoy doing business with someone who knows how to barter. Look forward to seeing you again."

Kaylin said thanks and put her bounty in a bag she was carrying. As she passed by D'Nar's stand again, she looked over. He was helping a customer but wasn't too busy to call out. "Got you're fruit I see. And at a good price I bet."

Kaylin smiled and nodded her head.

D'Nar roared with laughter. "Poor Jared. He never saw you coming!"
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Re: Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

Post#3 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:16 pm

CO'S Note: This post was actually posted on Nov 30, 2009

<Outpost 94, Day 2, 1130 hours, Chief Diplomat's Office>

Lt. JG Kenah placed another PADD on the right side of the desk. She still a few things to take care of before transferring out. One of which was checking into getting Amaya transferred with her. Perhaps she might even be permanently assigned as Kenah's aide. Starfleet usually didn't do stuff like that, but one could drop a note of possibility hope for the best.

Kaylin sighed deeply and leaned back in her chair. She'd been stationed on ships all of her "first Starfleet life." Now she was getting the chance to be back in space, albeit on a Starbase. She had seen that Starbase 386 was an old Cardassian Nor Class station. Ships and people would be in and out of there fast, which was fine with her. She missed the hustle and bustle of being in space. She got up and walked over to the window. Kaylin could tell that it was market day; people were slowly walking back and forth with empty and full bags in their hands.

About that time, her door opened and in walked Amaya. "What's on your mind, ma'am?"

"Ah, the simple life," she said sarcastically. "…the simple life of an Outpost. Where colonists and personnel go about their daily routines in the common doldrums of life." She turned and saw Amaya grinning.

"You're right, living here is a routine. And sometimes that's comfortable," she replied.

"Granted. For those who find solace in routine, it is comfortable. Yet there were times I experienced more excitement in dad's bookstore after I retired than here."

Amaya laughed. "The reason I came, ma'am, was to deliver this."

She handed Kaylin a handwritten note. "And this is…"

"…From Dr. Kyldair. He told me to personally hand-deliver it to you."

Kaylin looked thoughtful for a moment. "And where did you see the good Doctor?"

"I had a follow-up this morning regarding my accident the other day."

"Oh that's right," said Kaylin. "So, how was it? You better?"

"It's healing just fine," answered Amaya.

"You know, that's one of the many of things I'm looking forward to about being on a Starbase," said Kaylin.

"You mean other than the hustle and bustle?"

Kaylin grinned, "Yes, that and better medical facilities." She looked down at the right side of her desk. "I'm finished with these. You can file them now."

"Aye, ma'am," replied Amaya, as she walked over and grabbed the stack of PADDs.

Kaylin watched her leave and wondered how she could ever have gotten along without such a good aide. She then unfolded the note from Dr. Kyldair. It was a reminder of her pre-departure physical. It read, 'We want you to leave here healthy. That way if you get sick or have problems upon arrival, you got it on that starship.'

Kaylin couldn't help but giggle a little. That sure was one old fashioned doctor. She folded the note up and put it on her desk.

"Gotta get that pre-departure physical," she said.
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If you can't go around it, over it, or through it, you had better negotiate with it.
Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way.

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Re: Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

Post#4 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:53 pm

<Outpost 94, Day 2, 1555 hours, CDO's Office>

The beeping continued as the screen slid up from Kaylin's desk. She laid aside the morning report for a moment and turned towards the rising screen. She tapped a button on the inlaid console as soon as the screen was fully up. The flashing Federation insignia disappeared along with the 'Incoming Message' note.

"Lt. Kenah, good to see you again. How's life at the Paulson Nebula?" It was Lt. Commander Eli ben Davíd.

Kaylin grinned. "Pleasure to see you, too Commander. And as far as the Paulson Nebula…just another anomaly to me. How is your wife doing?"

"As good as can be expected," replied Eli.

Kaylin looked at him questioningly, "What do you mean?"

"Oh that's right, you haven't heard…"

"I don't hear much out here, remember."

"…uh, yes. Anyway, we're expecting our first child, a girl!"

"Congratulations!" exclaimed Kaylin. "Have you decided on a name yet?"

"No, not yet. We're still going back and forth."

"Oh don't worry, it'll come. Now what to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Your request for a transfer of your diplomatic aide with you was approved here and at Starbase 386. Personnel leaders do have a concern, however. There is already an Ensign slotted to take your place as CDO out there, yet they didn't have anyone on deck for the Aide position. They wanted to know what I intended to do about that. I told them not to worry, I would take care of that. So, Kaylin, what do you have in mind that will save my bacon?"

Kaylin knew this would happen, although she didn't expect Eli to take the brunt of it from his superiors. "First of all, I'm sorry that you must endure the tip of the spear. Please shift it over to me if it will help you."

Eli interrupted. "Lieutenant, don't worry about that. My shoulders are big enough."

Kaylin grinned and nodded. "As far as the replacement Aide, get in touch with Lt. JG Jorgenson at Alpha
Eridani, near the Neutral Zone. He has two young crewmen assigned there. One, Mikhail, is in his last phase of training to take the current aide's spot. T'Raal, the current aide, is Vulcan and is searching for an open position elsewhere. I believe she will work out fine here."

"Sounds good to me. Thanks Kaylin," said Eli.

"No, I'm the one who should be thanking you," replied Kaylin. "You've made it possible for me to take Crewman Mori with me to Starbase 386. I hope Starfleet will leave her there as long as I'm there."

Lt. Commander Davíd smiled and said, "We'll see what happens. You have a good day, Lieutenant."

"I intend to; especially now. Enjoy the rest of your day, Commander. Kenah out." Kaylin tapped a button for the screen to return.

Kaylin was excited. But she wanted to conceal it until she told Amaya. She tapped her desk console to patch through to Amaya's small, outer office. "Crewman Mori, come in here please."

"Aye, ma'am," she replied.
A few seconds later, Amaya came in and stood in front of her desk. "What do you need, ma'am?"

"I need for you to keep this appointment. Dr. Kyldair has scheduled you for a physical day after tomorrow."

Amaya looked puzzled. "But I was just in there and everything was fine?"

Kaylin ignored her question and continued. "I also need you to pack all of your belongings. I expect you will receive some paperwork from Starfleet within the next twenty-four hours." Kaylin watched as it begin to dawn upon Amaya.

As Lt. Kenah finished talking, Crewman Mori started thinking about what she said. A smile crept across her lips and she could hardly keep her composure.

Kaylin grinned big and said, "You have my permission to relax and be exited."

Amaya squealed with delight and thanked Kaylin profusely. "Excuse me, ma'am. I've got a lot of things to do; pack, contact my parents…oh, I can't think of it all right now!"

"You're dismissed. And Amaya, take the rest of the day. There's not a lot going on today."

"Yes ma'am!" Amaya gathered up her things and headed to her living quarters.

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Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way.

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Re: Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

Post#5 » Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:19 pm

<Outpost 94, Day 2, 1920 hours, Local Restaurant – The Melting Pot>

Kaylin walked into the Melting Pot wearing one of her more casual dresses. She spied an open table and sat down. As she took in the scene, she was reminded once again how appropriate the name was. Outpost 94 was truly a melting pot of races and it seemed they all gathered here. It wasn't a bar, although they did serve drinks, and it wasn't a fancy place either. It was one of those in between eateries; the kind of place you go to so you can relax without the stereotypical "smoky" atmosphere. They employed waiters and waitresses and served some of the best food on the Outpost. Kaylin waved over one of the waiters.

"Lt. Kenah," he said as he approached. "How was your day?"

"Not bad. How was yours?" she asked.

"Ah well, you know…work, work, work."

Kaylin laughed a little. "Seems like that's all you do, Brandon."

He grinned at her. "You know us civilian types. We gotta work to eat."

"Now you know that Starfleet officers work," she said.

"So you say," Brandon replied. "By the way, you look nice tonight. So, what'll you have."

Kaylin smiled, "Thanks. I'll have a house salad, the ten ounce steak special, a baked sweet potato, and a kava juice to drink."

"It'll be out in about twenty to thirty minutes," said Brandon. "Anything else?"

"If you've got a break coming, I could use some company." She smiled.

Brandon nodded. "Back in a minute Kaylin." He left to put in her order.

Brandon was somebody that had showed an interest in her when she first arrived. But he was very reluctant to start a relationship. Brandon only wanted to remain friends. That was alright with Kaylin…sort of. He was a nice guy about average height and weight with dark black hair.

Brandon came back, with two kava juices, and sat down. "So, what's really been happening?"

Kaylin was a little nervous about telling him that she would be leaving soon.

Brandon couldn't read people, but he knew Kaylin had something on her mind. And in his typical, humorous way, he tried to bring it out. "What's the matter? Somebody transport your cat and mess with the re-materialization?"

Kaylin laughed. "You know I don’t like cats. They make me sneeze."

"All the better to mess with them in a transporter," Brandon replied.

"Since you asked, Amaya and I will be leaving soon. Starfleet has cut our orders, we're just waiting to get them."

Brandon frowned. "So this is good-bye, then, old friend?"

"Watch it with the 'old' wisecracks, you little whippersnapper!" Kaylin said.

They continued talking for the next twenty-five until Kaylin's meal was ready.
Lt. JG Kaylin Kenah
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If you can't go around it, over it, or through it, you had better negotiate with it.
Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way.

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Re: Kaylin Kenah - The Art of Diplomacy

Post#6 » Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:39 pm

OFF: This takes place immediately after Kaylin dismisses her.

<Outpost 94, Day 2, 1610 hours, Amaya's Quarters>

Crewman Amaya Mori was excited about finally getting off the old rock and out of that dead-end assignment. She started packing her belongings that she wasn't using, mostly the trinkets and things she'd collected and some of her clothes and uniforms. She came to the papers and books that she had been studying last night and tossed them into a container. She would separate them when she arrived at her next duty assignment.

After about forty-five minutes of "flight of the bumblebee" packing, she sat down and decided to try and contact her parents. It took some time to through to them.

"Mom, Dad! I'm glad I finally got through! You're not going to believe what has just happened!"

"Amaya, slow down. First, what happened to your room? It’s a mess!"

Amaya paused and turned her head around. Her room was a mess. As a matter of fact, it looked terrible for someone who was a such a neat-freak. She turned back to the monitor. "Um, sorry mom. I've been packing and I guess I got a little excited."

"Packing for what dear?" asked her dad.

"I'm getting orders! I'm finally getting off this Outpost and into a place where hopefully I can shine better."

"That's great, dear! Such good news! And after you know you passed your exams for your next rank," said her mom.

"Well that's part of the whole process. Getting my new assignment, I mean. Hopefully I can get the promotion soon. Of course, that's up to Lieutenant Kenah and the Commanding Officer of our next duty station."

Crewman Mori continued talking to her parents until it was nearly bedtime.

"Mom, Dad, I must go. I have a pre-departure physical tomorrow morning and I don't want to be tired."

"Of course," they answered. "Get your rest…and your room clean."

Amaya smiled, "Yes ma'am. I love you all!"

"We love you, too Amaya. Good-bye." The images of her parents disappeared as the screen quickly faded.

Amaya took a deep breath as she looked at her messy room. Before going to bed, she wanted to clean it all up. It was actually driving her crazy now that she had settled down.

Crewman Amaya Mori
Diplomat's Aide
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Lt. JG Kaylin Kenah
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Starbase 386
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If you can't go around it, over it, or through it, you had better negotiate with it.
Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way.

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