USS Athena - Test In Fire

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USS Athena - Test In Fire

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<<USS Athena>>
<Ready Room, 0900>

"He is a menace," chief engineer Caleb Summers growled. "That man has no respect for authority or the chain of command."

Captain Amanda Darkhelm sighed, doing her best not to look annoyed. Chief Summers was a tall man, standing at 6'5 with an imposing build, bald head, and piercing blue eyes. He looked very much like a man that you didn't want to meet down a dark alley way or corridor.

"He saved our butts," Lt. Commander Jeremy Blackwood stated, looking at the hulking engineering chief. "And I'll point out once again that he suggested it but you choose to ignore it."

Jeremy was the exact opposite of Caleb, with shaggy blonde hair, light blue eyes, and about 8 inches shorter then Caleb. He had a lean and slender build; something that was deceptive. Jeremy had been a security officer before advancing to the rank of XO.

"He disobeyed a direct order!"

"And I will see to it that he is punished, is that all Lt?" Amanda asked.

Caleb growled something under his breath. "Thats it sir."

"Good, then I suggest that you report back to your station."

The whole point of Chief Summer's little tirade, if you could all that little centered around the fact that one of their operations ensigns had caused havoc with the sensor grid in order to augment the shields to keep them safe from radiation due to a ion storm that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The gamble worked and saved the Intrepid class vessel but managed to blow out nearly all of the long range sensor grid.

"Quinn's a good officer," Jeremy stated. "I think that we both know that."

"He also didn't consult with either Dorian or Summers before he did it," Amanda stated, turning back toward the viewport.

"Dorian was knocked out and last I knew we never filled the assistant operations chief spot and we both know that Summers isn't going to listen to a damn thing that anyone says."

"You're right on both accounts," Amanda stated. "Still he can't just go around ignoring protocol like that. According to Dorian the long range sensors are going to be down for at least another day."

"Then we punish him accordingly. Look sir, I think we have served together long enough for you to know when I am telling the truth and when I am just agreeing with you. Quinn is a good officer, we could use more men like him. Maybe its time that he got some incentive. If we promoted him to the Assistant Operations Chief he would be more in the loop and might curtail some of his...rather unique solutions."

"You really aren't going to let this die, are you?" Amanda asked.

"I think we both know the answer to that sir."

"Then get him up here."
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