Picking Up The Pieces

Optional posts about your character's life before coming aboard Starbase 386

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Picking Up The Pieces

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<Earth, 3 Weeks Ago>

It had been one week since Nathan attended the funeral of the man that was very much responsible for raising him. The funeral was held in Pennsylvania and Nathan had decided to stick around to handle some personal issues while there.

As he strode down the walk to the front door of his grandfathers old home he reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to the door. He had such fond memories of the home and his grandparents as a child. He unlocked the door and pushed it open gently. He stepped inside and it was like stepping back into his childhood.

As he strolled through the house the memories came flooding back into his memory and his eyes started to tear up a bit. Nathan reached a small end table with pictures on it and picked up one of them. It was a picture that showed Nathan as a child with his parents and grandparents. He stood there for several minutes silently reflecting on the image of his family and how happy that made him feel before continuing through the house to start the difficult task of packing things up.

As he slowly worked on packing up the various things throughout the house Nathan couldn't help but think that he was forgetting something but he just couldn't recall what it was. Suddenly a knock came at the front door and Nathan went to answer. Standing at the door was a Lieutenant in a Starfleet Security uniform. The Lieutenant spoke up at once "I'm Lieutenant Michaels with Starfleet Security. I have orders to transport you to Starfleet Command immediately."

Nathan was shocked by the message that had just been relayed to him. After a moment he replied to the Lieutenant. "What's going on Lieutenant?" he asked. "Sir, please come with me and all will be explained once we get back." Nathan proceeded to lock up the house and then stood by with the Lieutenant as he called for transport back to Starfleet Command.
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