Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

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Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#1 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:24 pm

OFF: Mission Day 1 will be the actual day that the USS Lexington arrives and drops off the team that Walsh is a part of.

<2376 Late July, USS Lexington, En Route to SB 24, Conference Room, 0810>

Captain Shelby looked on as his First Officer pointed to a spot the screen. “This is Starbase 24. It will be our home base if we need it as long as we’re assigned to this sector.”

“And just exactly why were we assigned to this sector, Captain?” asked Lt. Colonel Ryrie.

“To the point as always, I see,” remarked the XO.

Ryrie shot him a look.

“To answer your question, Colonel,” began Shelby. “There has been increased activity from the Orion Syndicate within the Federation. Starfleet Intelligence believes they have tracked some of the activity back to a hub in a particular sector. Our mission is to narrow down the search area and take out as much of their operation as possible in the process.”

“How big is the search area?” asked Narim, the Chief of Security.

The First Officer enlarged a section of the map. “From Starbase 24, to the Calder System, to the Acamar System, and as far as the Gamma Hromi System in the Hromi Cluster. If we can cripple their operations here…”

“Why cripple?” interrupted Ryrie. “Why not break their legs and ensure their operations stop completely?”

“That’s where you come in,” said Captain Shelby. “We’ll be putting together several teams and placing them on the surface of a planet in various cities and settlements for one month. That’s all the time you’ve got to recon and stop the Syndicate’s operations. The Lexington will typically remain in orbit during part of that period. We may also be going to the other locations to retrieve other teams. At the end of the month, you’ll all be picked up. Two or three days later, each team will be deposited on another planet. We’ll keep this up until we have enough solid intel to justify more ships and patrols at Starbase 24.”

“As I was saying,” continued the First Officer, “If we can cripple their operations here, it may bring a stop to some of the piracy and smuggling.” He paused. “And before you ask, Ryrie, each team will be comprised of one Intelligence agent, two Marines, two Security officers, and one tactical officer.”

Ryrie and Narim looked at each other and smiled. This would definitely be an interesting mission.
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#2 » Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:17 pm

<2376 Late July, USS Lexington, En Route to SB 24, Marine Barracks, 0915>

Lt. Colonel Ryrie had just finished briefing the Marines on the Lexington’s new mission and sector assignment. After several questions, he picked who he wanted on the teams. Terry and Vostic ended up together on one team. After lunch, they were scheduled to meet with the rest of the team members and get a briefing about their first planet.

Captain Walsh and 1st Lieutenant Vostic left the barracks and headed toward the lounge. “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done any kind of ground combat or recon?” Terry said to Vostic.

The half human, half Klingon smiled. “About as long as it’s been for me, I’d say. I’ve been a pilot my whole career so far.”

Terry slapped Vostic on the back. “It should be interesting. Let’s hope we get some decent security and tactical officers to work with.”

“What about that Intelligence agent?” asked Vostic.

“Those guys usually keep to themselves.” Terry paused. “Although I suspect that he’ll be the team leader.”

<2376, USS Lexington, En Route to SB 24, Cargo Bay 2, 1330>

The intelligence agent assigned to head up the team Terry was on was Lieutenant T’Pril, a Vulcan female. She was the Intel Department’s Information Analysis Officer.

Vostic elbowed Terry. “So much for that ‘he’ part you talked about,” he whispered.

Terry elbowed him back…harder.

T’Pril calmly cleared her throat. The two Marines settled down and she began. “Gamma Hromi III is an L-Class planet located just outside the Hromi Cluster. There are several ore and mineral mines on the planet along with a few major cities and many, many settlements. Chakah Settlement is centrally located in the north equatorial region. It is a ‘bedroom community’ for many civilians who work at an ore mine in the nearby city. For others, it is a ‘watering hole’ to stop off at on their way through the settlement to the next city eastward. This will be where we spend our first month. I suggest you prepare accordingly.” T’Pril used a few human expressions so she wouldn’t have to spend extra time explaining herself. The briefing continued.
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#3 » Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:58 pm

<Flashback: 2373 Late July, Just outside the Hromi Cluster, Gamma Hromi III, Chakah Settlement, Mendev’s Bar, 1700>

Because the Chakah Settlement was exactly that, a settlement, most of its bars were still in the rough stages. Mendev’s, on the other hand, had achieved some level of civility when Tanner Gallal, a Farian businessman, bought the place and renovated it. There were still a few rough-necks around, but not as many as there used to be. Tanner kept the hardiest around for security and paid them well. Gone were the showgirls and slave girls.

Tanner also had a little work to do in personnel management. He transferred Martok, the Ferengi barkeep, as soon as he took over. He put him a newly opened position within his financial department. Martok was the new Overseer of A.R.E., Acquisition, Redistribution, and Exploitation, although no one really knew about the new position or what his job was. The responsibility of tending the bar was given to a long-time associate of Tanner’s, Lianna Alaran. She had a listening ear and was not afraid to use it, whether or not she was in on the conversation. If not for the distinctive rising ridge from her nose to the top of her forehead, one might think she was El-Aurian. She was also pretty good at defending herself. Another addition was Caline Navrras, an Orion female. Unlike all the other Orion females, Caline was no slave girl. Years ago she expressed a sincere desire to Tanner that she leave that life behind. Tanner put all his power into play and obliged. Caline was free from the typical life of an Orion slave girl. Knowing no one else, she clung to Tanner. He introduced her to Lianna, who took Caline under her wing. Caline is now one of the waitresses at Mendev’s.

As the months rolled by, Tanner and Lianna became good friends and associates with Caline. Good enough, that Tanner brought her into the family. Mendev’s eventually became a decent place to go get a drink and not end up in a brawl. As such, Federation types began frequenting the establishment. A handful of solemn-looking Romulans would darken the doors on occasion. And loads of civilians working in the mines in the nearby city would stop in on their way home. About two years later, a few Starfleet personnel started filtering in. This was the kind of business Tanner was looking for.

<Current Mission Date: 2376 Late July, Just outside the Hromi Cluster, Gamma Hromi III, Chakah Settlement, Mendev’s Bar, 2045>

Tanner Gallal stood in his second floor office looking out over the scene. His private office was situated over the actual bar and inset so that he could have a full view of what was happening. The concave observation windows reminded a person of those found in a Galaxy class Lounge. He’d brought Mendev’s a long way since he’d acquired it two and half years ago. He cast his gaze to the southwest corner. The expansion had gone well and was completed faster than he’d first hoped. Martok’s latest reports agreed with that.

Down on the floor, Caline was taking orders and refilling glasses when Lianna motioned her over. “They can wait a minute. Mr. Gallal ordered this. I want you to take it to him right now.” She placed a napkin with scribbles on it on Caline’s tray and immediately set a big glass of dark liquid down on it.

“When did he ever develop a taste for this?” commented Caline.

“Some Federation civilian gave him a bottle of it once. He liked it and decided to have a few containers shipped in to sell. The humans drank it all and asked for more. That’s the story.”

Caline nodded and left for the boss’s office.

Tanner noticed her coming up the stairs and had the door already opened. “Just set it on the desk, Caline. Thanks.”

“No problem Mr. Gallal,” replied Caline.

Tanner turned and grinned, “Now how many times do I have to tell you it’s Tanner, not Mr. Gallal.” Caline smiled and winked at Tanner as she closed the door. He shook his head and went over to his desk. Tanner hadn’t ordered a drink, so he moved the glass over and picked up the note. It read, ‘New Starfleet Sovereign class ship assigned to SB 24. ETA two weeks.’ He sat down and said, “Well, looks like the big boys are sending out the big guns to bring law and order. Huh, guess they don’t know there’s already law and order out here. Ah well, I’d better pass this along to the boss; the ride’s about to get bumpy.” He took a long drink of his bourbon. “Ahhhh, this stuff is good.” Tanner then tapped a console on his desk. A soft chirp indicated that the communication devices implanted near Lianna and Caline’s jawbones was active. “I want you two to find out the name and mission of this new ship.” Both women acknowledged the order. Tanner sat back and enjoyed his bourbon.

Tanner Gallal (NPC)– Farian Male, one of the Sector Bosses, Orion Syndicate (Black Market, Intel Trading, money laundering, and the occasional smuggling mission. He also has his fingers in the planet’s mining operations)
Lianna Alaran (NPC) – Farian Female, Assassin, Orion Syndicate
Caline Navrras (NPC) – Orion Female, Minor Operative, Orion Syndicate
Martok (NPC) – Ferengi, Exploited Employee

All NPC’s Played by:
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#4 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:54 pm

<2376, Gamma Hromi III, Chakah Settlement, Mendev’s Bar, 0100>

Tanner slapped his hand on the bar. “Lianna, I’m stepping out for a while. It looks like you’ve got things under control here.”

Lianna laughed. It was 1:00am and Mendev’s had been closed for an hour. She was just wiping off the bar…waiting. “Caline’s already gone to her room. I told her the staff could finish with the clean-up.”

“Always the helpful one, she is,” replied Tanner.

“That’s what gets her into those places,” said Lianna. “Well, that and those Orion beauty marks,” she added, speaking of her overall appearance. “These guys will lock up. You need a traveling companion?”

Tanner nodded his head. It never hurt to have a highly trained and skilled assassin watching your back, even when you were heading into relatively friendly territory. It was more of a show of authority and power than anything else. But one could never be too sure. Tanner and Lianna left Mendev’s and hopped one of the public transportation units to the hub of the settlement, Chakah Central.

<Chakah Central, Transportation Hub, Mission Day 1, 0106>

Tanner and Liana stepped off into an empty Hub. It was just after midnight, after all; normal people were at home in bed. There was no crowd to push through as they made their way down the corridor and out into the night.

“Which way?” asked Lianna.

Tanner nodded his head in the general direction. “Deneth should still be in his office. He likes to stay late and toy around with numbers.”

“Does Deneth know about that new Starfleet ship?”

“Maybe, but that’s not why we’re visiting him. Deneth still hasn’t paid me for that shipment of Romulan Disruptors I acquired for him.”

“And you were going to see him alone?” asked Lianna, inquisitively.

Tanner smiled, “I have an appointment. He’s expecting me.”

“You?! An appointment?!” exclaimed Lianna. “You’re full of surprises, Mr. Gallal, uh, Tanner.”
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#5 » Sat Mar 19, 2011 7:24 pm

<Chakah Central, Deneth's Restaurant, Mission Day 1, 0125>

Deneth was an overweight Bolian who owned a mid-sized restaurant in the heart of downtown. He wasn’t all that much of an ‘investor’ when it came to the local economy. Rather, he depended on those who were. He let them do all of the dirty work and collected from the results. Deneth thought he was taking the guys for all they were worth. Deneth never was known for being an intelligent individual.

He jumped when Talaria knocked on his office door. “I told you no interruptions!”

“Sir, Mr. Tanner Gallal is here to see you. He says he has an appointment.”

Deneth had completely forgotten about that appointment. “Show him in.”

The door opened and Tanner strolled in with Lianna by his side. He looked at stacks of money on the desk. “Deneth, I see your food has improved.”

The Bolian narrowed his eyes. “What do you want? Out with it, and then out with you!”

Tanner put his palms on Deneth’s desk and leaned forward while Lianna closed the door and secured it from the inside. “I want the money you owe me for that shipment of Romulan disruptors. You’re seven days past the last extension.”

“Oh, that. I’ll get it to you. Don’t worry.”

“Yes you will,” replied Tanner. “Or the Commander of that War Bird will see your name come across his desk as the smuggler who hired the pirates to steal the shipment.” Tanner stood and crossed his arms. “Or I might just have something a little more fitting my personae….”

Deneth started to sweat a little. “I, uh, can get it to you soon, like I said. No worries.” He wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue doing business with this Farian or not. Maybe if he got him paid off, then he wouldn’t bother him anymore.

“You have twelve hours, Deneth. One minute late, and I make a call.”

“Twelve hours! I can’t come up with that kind of money in twelve hours!” he screamed.

Tanner looked at the income reports laying on the desk in front of Deneth. “Oh, I think you may have made enough tonight to partially settle the debt.”

“No, not out of that. I can’t. I’ve got to use that to pay my employees and order more food. Besides, I’ve got equipment to replace this month.”

Tanner turned and walked to the door. “Not my problem. Come on, Lianna.”

Deneth jumped up and ran over to the Farian. “Hey, I’ll pay you the money, just not right now. Give me another extension. This was a simple business transaction. There’s no need to involve the Romulans or anyone else.” Deneth was sinking fast.

Tanner stopped, still facing the door. “If this was a simple business transaction, then pay me my money now.”

“I can’t! I don’t have it!”

Tanner nodded to Lianna. She unsecured the door and they both walked out of the office with Deneth trailing and crying out to them. Both Farian’s ignored him and left the restaurant.

As they got back to the Transportation Hub, Lianna asked Tanner, “What did you mean by something more fitting your personae?”

“Starfleet’s bringing trouble, only they won’t bring it to me.”
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#6 » Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:29 pm

<2376, Mission Day 01, 0400, USS Lexington, in orbit around Gamma Hromi III, Main Transporter Room>

It had been an early morning for Lieutenant T’Pril; she had already been up for an hour and a half. Most of that was making sure that she had everything she needed. She knew that she could trust her team to be ready and in place when they were supposed to be. T’Pril was not a micro-manager, contrary to what her old supervisor had taught her. She stepped through the doors into the main transporter room. Lieutenant T’Pril looked over her team as they walked up to the transporter pad. She was convinced that she had the best one. Lieutenant JG Maikaria was the only security officer to minor in Security Investigations in the Academy. She would make a fair interrogator if needed and a decent information gatherer. Ensign Rednour knew the ins and outs of a myriad of weaponry. Ensign Zol was a Communications Officer who majored in Linguistics at the Academy. And the two Marines, well, good ground support and security. As T’Pril walked up to join the others, she heard Captain Walsh singing a song to his fellow Marine.

“All around the Hromi Cluster, the Lexington chased the Syndicate. The Lexington thought the mission was done, Pop! goes the Syndicate.”

First Lieutenant Vostic laughed. His human father sang the nursery rhyme to him when he was little. He liked the way Walsh had re-written it. It sort of seemed fitting for this mission. No matter how much Starfleet intended to cripple Syndicate operations, they always popped back up somewhere else with different leadership. It was almost like the Fleet was chasing the Syndicate around the entire quadrant and gaining nothing.

Contrary to the standard, T’Pril had a slight sense of humor…although rather dry. In this she reveled, that she always surprised everyone.

“A long-tailed primate was enjoying the merriment produced by pursuing a Mustela frenata around a Morus rubra until the Mustela frenata made an unexpected movement. Vulcan interpretation,” she said.

The transporter room got quiet. Walsh and Vostic looked at each other, smirked, then busted out with laughter. T’Pril raised an eyebrow and turned to the transporter chief. “Energize.”

Chakah Team, as they were designated, had been transported to a secluded area about one klick north of the city. Walsh and Vostic were just getting over their laughing fit, when T’Pril ordered them to take point into the city. Chakah Team’s first objective was to find a inconspicuous place to reside and blend in for the next thirty days, and they had two hours to do it. The sun rose around 0600.

Intel Leader: Lt. T’Pril (Vulcan female)
Security Officer: Lt. JG Maikaria (Bajoran female)
Tactical Officer: Ensign Rednour (Human male)
Communications Officer: Ensign Zol (Trill female)
Marine: Captain Walsh (Human male)
Marine: 1st Lt. Vostic (Human/Klingon male)

All NPC’s played by:
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#7 » Thu May 19, 2011 7:38 pm

<2376, Mission Day 01, 0710>

The team had found the perfect place, a run-down hotel, shortly before sunrise. The fact that they were already dressed in the local attire and lightly armed helped to get checked in. The darkness, plus a nice side entrance, allowed them to easily get rest of the equipment inside. Maikaria commented to Rednour on the oddity of having a side entrance off the main street. Ensign Rednour smiled and told Lt. Maikaria that they needed to have a talk sometime.

Now, the team was filtering out of the hotel to a pre-arranged meeting place down the road and around the corner. Maikaria and Walsh were the last ones to arrive.

Walsh looked at the rest of the team and said, “So what’s the game-plan?”

T’Pril answered, “Our mission today is to observe and gather intelligence. That will be the mission for the next seven days. We separate into two units. Lt. Maikaria, Ensign Zol, and Captain Walsh will form one unit while Ensign Rednour, First Lieutenant Vostic, and myself will form the other unit. We will spend the day gathering intelligence and meet back here after dark to compile our information.”

“What if something comes up and we’re unable to make it back?” asked Ensign Rednour.

“Define ‘something,’ Ensign,” stated T’Pril.

“Well, if we get invited somewhere or something to that affect. You know, something not life threatening.”

T’Pril thought for a second. “If the circumstance or situation is not life threatening, then you may continue. However, make sure that you obtain usable intel. Any other questions?”

“Yeah,” said Terry. “Are there going to be any night ops?”

T’Pril nodded. “Indeed there will be, Captain Walsh. Our orders include night operations. Those will take place next week at random intervals. The teams will alternate to reduce suspicion. Anyone else?”

No one spoke up, so T’Pril dismissed them. The crew split into their two units and started out. Lieutenant Maikaria led, Ensign Zol followed her, and Captain Walsh fell in step behind. Terry wondered how in the world he managed to get stuck babysitting the security officer and the linguist. What kind of nutty Vulcan logic was that anyway. Maybe T’Pril found out that he planned on chatting up Rednour about weapons. She might’ve assigned it that way to keep him focused on the job at hand. Nah, she wouldn’t do that.

Terry jogged up next to the Bajoran and the Trill. “So where do you want to start?”
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Re: Walsh - All Around the Hromi Cluster,...

Post#8 » Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:43 am

<2376, Mission Day 01, 0820>

Terry walked down the alleyway and around the back over to where he had left Maikaria and Zol. “The merchant said that the best place to catch a meal is a restaurant a few blocks down, on the right. He said their breakfast is alright but their lunch and dinner is better.” The past hour or so of walking up and down the streets and sitting at open-air tables had yielded nothing except growling stomachs.

“Well almost anything would be good right now,” said Zol. Her stomach had been the loudest of all. Or so she thought.

Terry chuckled, “Yeah, no kidding. I could eat almost anything.”

“I thought Marines did,” said Zol, smiling wryly.

“You’re just a regular barrel of monkeys, you know that?”

“Monkeys? What do they have to do with anything?”

“That’s enough you two,” the Bajoran. She was wondering how she ended up with the class clown of the Starfleet Marine Corps. “We’ll get something to eat. But I also think it could be a potential source for gathering information if we keep our ears open.”

“Especially at dinner tonight,” added Terry.

“Precisely,” said Makaria. “This could be the kind of place that T’Pril is looking for.”

“What are we waiting on?” asked Zol. “Let’s find this restaurant.”

“Follow me,” said Terry. He followed the directions that the merchant had given him earlier.

<Deneth’s Restaurant>

“Seriously, Walsh. ‘The Watering Hole?’ This is your ‘best place to catch a meal?’” came the retort from Zol. She looked at Terry with a sarcastic demeanor.

“Hey, I’m just taking the word of a local. Besides, it’s almost 0830 and the place is pretty full for breakfast. That says something,” answered Terry.

“Yes, it does. It’s screaming….”

Maikaria interrupted. “Ensign, Captain, why don’t you save it for when the mission is over.” She paused a second. “Or better yet, have a few drinks and paint the town red, as you humans say.” Maikaria looked at her two companions for reactions.

Ensign Zol fanned her face with her hand as she felt the heat of embarrassment rising. “It’s nothing like that,” said the embarrassed Trill.

Terry smiled nodded in agreement. “Let’s get something to eat.”

They all walked in and took a seat. A waitress came over, gave them some menus, and took their drink orders. When she brought the juices and coffee out a few minutes later, she asked if they had decided.

“I’ll have the Jumja sticks,” said Maikaria. “Nothing else, please.”

Zol smiled. “I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. I’ll have a couple of osol twists.”

Walsh looked at the two women and shook his head. “You two never eat much for breakfast.” He looked up at the waitress. “I’ll have two katarian eggs, over easy, an order of parthas, and three pieces of toast.”

Maikaria and Zol looked at each other and then back at Terry. “Are you trying to clean out the kitchen or something?” asked Zol.

Walsh cocked his head to the side and half-smiled, “I’m a growing boy.”

The waitress laughed and took their orders back to the kitchen and refilled their drinks while they waited. Maikaria and Zol talked in low tones about the restaurant, it’s location, and it’s patrons. Walsh pushed back from the table a little, leaned back and interlaced his fingers behind his head, and pretended to catch a quick nap. The loud men at the table behind him paid him no attention. Which made his job of dropping eaves much easier.
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