Starbase 386
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Since its earliest days as a small border outpost Starbase 386 has continually had two missions: exploration and defense. Through good times and bad for the Federation, Starbase 386 has stood as both the guardian of the extreme edge of the Federation and as the last major outpost for Starfleet ships heading off to explore the unknown reaches of the galaxy.

There have been three stations designated as Starbase 386 since the initial commissioning of the base in the Aldani system. The first, a recycled Regula type outpost, lasted less than a decade before being replaced by a newly-constructed Stardock class station. That station stood until the darkest days of the Dominion War, when it was destroyed by a Cardassian fleet.

The newest iteration is a Nor class station. Construction on this station was begun by the Cardassian forces occupuying the Aldani system. The station was only partially built when the system was retaken by Starfleet at the end of the War, but due to equipment and material shortages in the wake of the war, Starfleet Command decided to complete construction of the station rather than disassemble it and replace it with a newly-built facility. In the process the base's systems were brought completely up to Starfleet standards, with major elements such as the computer cores and power generation systems being completely replaced prior to construction being completed.

Starbase 386 is currently under the command of Commander Thomas Manley and is the headquarters for Project Sentinel, a massive Federation relief and peacekeeping effort in outlying Romulan territories abandoned by the Empire in the wake of the Hobus event. If you want to learn about the station, please look through the Database and browse our Forums.

Welcome to Starbase 386.
Starbase 386

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