Starbase 386
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Crew Manifest - Operations:

The Operations department is responsible for managing all station resources. The officers in this department work with all other departments, civilian residents, and visiting ships to allocate resources as efficiently as possible. Some personnel in the Operations department will handle minor maintenance functions on non-critical systems. Operations also maintains the station's computer software, ensuring that the computer systems operate smoothly at all times.
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Position Rank Name Species Gender Bio
Chief of Station Operations available Position Available      
Assistant Chief of Operations available Position Available      
Operations Officer Ensign Tina Marris Human Female NPC
Communications Officer Ensign Veryn Vulcan Female NPC
Communications Specialist available Position Available       
Computer Systems Officer available Position Available      
Computer Systems Specialist Chief Petty Officer Todd Dentry Human Male NPC
Computer Systems Specialist Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Reasky Human Male NPC
Materials Officer available Position Available       
Inventory Specialist Petty Officer 2nd Class Ricki Vrends Human/Vulcan Female NPC
Inventory Specialist Petty Officer 3rd Class Shannon Elizabeth Human Female NPC
Boatswain Warrant Officer 3rd Class Brian Connors Human Male NPC
Boatswain's Mate Crewman Chad Gouly Human   Male NPC