Starbase 386
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The characters, stories, and plots that have led to Starbase 386 as it currently exists can be traced back to 1999 wih the launch of the USS Peacekeeper, an independent Play by Email sim. Many players from that group went on to write as members of Bravo Fleet, then later Obsidian Fleet and Horizon Fleet, among other groups. The plotline currently being followed by Starbase 386 flows back to the launch of the USS Sentinel in 2005. On these pages you will find a brief synopsis of each mission since that time.

Current Mission:

Mission 13: The World Has Changed
It was an event no one thought could happen: the Hobus Supernova devastated Romulus, a world lightyears away from the star. But in the aftermath, some would receive even worse news. A Starfleet Captain gone renegade forces a man far too comfortable with his demons to face the one woman he never thought he'd encounter again.
Start Date:   26 OCT 2011 End Date:   Ongoing
In-Character Time Period:   Station Day 333 to ???
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